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Common Fonts Across Different OS

Posted in Design by kmtom on January 14, 2010

I am looking to embark on a slight redesign of my resumé, a tweaking shall we say. I want to design in a way so that it will come across consistently when viewed on different machines. One of the worst errors to make is using a font that doesn’t come through on other’s machines, followed only slightly behind by using Comic Sans. A quick Google search reveals the 18 “browser-safe fonts”. But don’t forget to read the notes at the bottom! The site also has screen shots from different OS and browsers. Now I just have to decide which one(s) to use!

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  1. Joshua Ledwell said, on January 14, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    There are more font choices you can use, but you’re right, not always consistent. You can use CSS3 to embed fonts. Some browsers don’t support it, but it can be written so it’ll fall back to safe fonts.

    There’s also Typekit, although I don’t necessarily recommend it yet. This blog uses it: http://bobulate.com/. To my eye, the type looks good on the Mac, but yucky on my PC laptop. Still inconsistent, I guess.

    Finally, you could add a PDF version of your resume, which would allow to use any fonts you have.

    Make sure you post when you have your new resume up! Cheers, Josh

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