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Eye- [am] Tracking Your Lies

Posted in Usability by kmtom on July 14, 2010

Researchers at the University of Utah have been working on a way to determine if someone is lying based on their eye movements and pupil dilation. Now, for anyone who watches Lie To Me, they won’t be surprised by this, since Lightman could read a guy who was paralyzed completely (not sure how he couldn’t blink, but this is TV). He used his pupil size to determine if he was telling the truth, yes or no. Although, we can’t believe everything we see on TV it seems like these folks have a real-life solution in the works.

In terms of the implication for usability testing, I wonder if people would be less likely to agree to being “eye-tracked” if they’re aware that the technology can be used to determine if they’re lying. Then again, for usability practitioners, we could use this to determine if users are telling the truth when they say the site is easy to use.

via @therealmasoud via @customerexplabs

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