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Santa Supply/Demand Curve

Posted in Information Visualization by kmtom on December 12, 2010

In college we were required to take macro and micro economics. I really enjoyed the classes and the professor that I had for both of them. Came across this great S/D graph for Santas featured in Sketchy Santa: A Lighter Look at the Darker Side of St. Nick. However, instead of supply, they refer to the “sketch-i-ness” factor. As demand for Santas increase, the sketchiness of the Santas also increase.

…the number of Santas available and a parent’s desire to have their children see St. Nick in a timely manner, loosely determines the potential sketchiness of Santas in your area. As demand (D) increases, you can expect a corresponding increase in quantity (Q) or available Santas and the sketchiness (S) of any given Santa.

P.S. If you need a refresher on Supply & Demand curves, visit Mike On Ads

via SwissMiss

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