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Giant Office Supplies

Posted in Design by kmtom on March 4, 2011

Being a Staples employee, you’re required to have a healthy obsession with office supplies. So when I saw the installment of giant office supplies, I couldn’t help but smile a bit.

You may be wondering the purpose of these large office supplies. Well, the property developers were showing the space and wanted to communicate that it could be split into 4 different sections. These supplies provided the boundary lines between those areas.

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How To Become a Giant

Posted in Design by kmtom on March 3, 2011

Ryuji Nakamura has created a house which sits on top of a MacBook and basically makes anyone sitting down to the computer a giant.

This would be hilarious to use during a Chat Roulette session!

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A New Way to Recycle Paper

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 17, 2011

 Sharsha Lee has created a concept which brings a new meaning to recycling paper. The Eco Printer basically takes paper that’s already been printed on, wipes it clean and prints on it again. An interesting concept. There’s concern in the comments about someone erasing an important document, but couldn’t someone just as easily shred an important document??

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It’s All Relative

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 14, 2011

A creative and simple representation of time. Marcus Kraft explains his work:

sometimes, one second can change your whole life. on the other hand, a whole year can feel very boring, unimportant and dull. what if one year is as long as one day or even one second? — maybe there’s no difference at all.

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The New Facebook Profile

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 9, 2011

I am pretty defiant when it comes to changes to Facebook. I had a hard time accepting the changes to something that I use multiple times a day, multiple times an hour when I don’t see the justification for the change. Regardless, they recently made a significant change to the Profile Pages. There has been a recent “movement” towards using the new Facebook profile layout to one’s advantage. Check them out: on reface.me

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Murals Created Into the Buildings

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 8, 2011

We walk by art everyday. In some cases, we walk by without noticing. I’m guilty of walking by many street murals without noticing. I hope that if I walk by one of Vhils’ murals that I’ll notice! He etches his murals into buildings instead of just painting over them. The thing that stuck out to me was how instead of covering up and building he uses the building to create his vision.


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UX Designers

Posted in Design, Usability by kmtom on January 26, 2011

A brilliant video about UX Designers (although not one, I am working towards pretending to be one) by lyle.

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LivingSocial Amazon.com Deal

Posted in Advertising, Design, My Rambles, Usability by kmtom on January 20, 2011

You may or may not have heard of Groupon or the idea of it. But basically, it’s a service that offers (usually) daily coupons on various things, restaurants, spas, golfing lessons, gift certificates. One example is a $40 gift card to a local restaurant for $20 that expires in 3 months. It works for the restaurant, because it might get some new customers into their restaurant and it works for current customers because they get something at a discount.

Well, yesterday LivingSocial offered a deal for an Amazon gift card at 50% off. A $20 gift card for $10 with no expiration. Too good to be true? Well, maybe. They’re definitely losing money on the deal. By the end of the day, over 1.3 million coupons were sold.

So why do something like this? Well, they’re currently losing to Groupon (or at least they were). According to Website Magazine, as of September 2010, Groupon had 40% of coupon seeking traffic while  LivingSocial had 20%. I’m sure that this not only increased traffic but it also increased LivingSocial’s member base and awareness in the marketplace. I bought the deal. How could you not? And I told my friends and my mom. My mom had never heard of things like this. Well now she knows, and now she’s bought one. And I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to buy another and maybe even more than that. So how much will the dropped $10 on her first LivingSocial purchase actually net for the company? Probably more than $10.

Now, since we’re on the topic, I am not very happy with LivingSocial’s website. Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • It caches your location. So if you go in and are on a national deal page, it thinks your in D.C., even if you’ve set your preferred city. This is the cause for the other two gripes:
    • Why is the above deal showing for Washington, D.C.? I am not near Washington, D.C. I’m signed in and have set my preferred city. I get it’s a national deal, so show the USofA!
    • When you go to LivingSocial.com, it actually takes you to the 3rd link on the left navigation list (URL: http://livingsocial.com/deals/how_it_works). Why? Why tell me how it works? I’m already signed in, I’ve already bought a deal. Just show me today’s deal!
  • I still haven’t gotten my deal!

So what are we to do now? Well, I guess we’ll just wait and see what they follow up Amazon’s deal with. Today, LivingSocial has a European Restaurant in Brighton while Groupon has Indian and Nepal Cuisine in Somerville.

So what else is there?


The iPhone Has Come to Verizon

Posted in Design by kmtom on January 11, 2011

It’s official! Verizon has announced it will be selling the iPhone 4! I’ve been asked by a few people if I will be converting. I’m not sure yet. Ask me when I’m eligible for an upgrade in 7 months and I’m shopping for a new phone.

In the meantime, in between time, everyone has been comparing the two phones. Is an iPhone4 on Verizon the same as an iPhone4 on AT&T? Well, I’m not sure anyone can really answer that fully yet, until the phone has been tested in the wild, but I enjoyed Mashable’s take on comparing the two phones (see below). They’ve also documented some of the differences between the two networks.

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Filip Dujardin Photography – Fictions

Posted in Design by kmtom on January 9, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed walking by and looking at the Stata Center at MIT (above) So when I saw Filip Dujardin‘s photography in which takes an image of a modern building and transforms it through Photoshop I loved it!

via SwissMiss

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