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Muppets –> Angry Birds

Posted in Uncategorized by kmtom on April 4, 2011

Want to know what the Muppets and the cast of Angry Birds have in common? Gamefreaks has the answer:

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Ranking of Angry Bird Birds

Posted in Uncategorized by kmtom on February 25, 2011

The Oatmeal has created a ranking of the birds present in the Angry Birds game.  I totally agree with their ratings, I just wish they had included the huge red bird! Now, to get over to Newbury Comics to buy the plush!

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Angry Birds: The Board Game

Posted in Uncategorized by kmtom on January 7, 2011

I love board games! Games are fun and I enjoy spending time with friends doing things other than drinking beer (although trivia in bars can be fun too!). I also love Angry Birds. I’m very close to getting 3 stars on all the levels in the main game and I’ll be sure to announce it here when I do beat the game.

I digress. I haven’t been following too much of the stuff from CES aside from the occasional tweet here and there. But, when I saw @Mashable‘s tweet about the Angry Birds board game, you know I clicked through and investigated further! The video from electricpigtv shows you the basic idea of the game, which is being producted by Mattel.

For more info about Angry Birds: Knock on Wood, check out Electricpig’s blog post. It’s slated to come out in May at the cost of $15.

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