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Bing Failure

Posted in My Rambles by kmtom on July 29, 2009

I’m sure you have seen the recent commercials for Bing, which is Microsoft’s new search engine. Basically they are a conversation between two people one of whom replies with random things, supposedly representing other search engines. Incase you haven’t seen them, here’s one:

Anywho, I was on my work computer listening to my Alanis Morissette station on Pandora. When up pops an acoustic version of “Ironic”. And I’m singing along belting my heart out and I hear “and then meeting his beautiful husband”. Now, I’m not completely sure, since I was saying “wife” at the time. Since you can’t skip via Pandora, I decided to investigate via search. I reluctantly open a new tab in the IE browser and use the search widget in the top right, where Microsoft has conveniently placed their Bing search engine. I typed [including quotes]: “its like meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful husband”. I am returned with nothing, nada, except suggestions including: “OH La La Pains” and “Pregnant Man“.


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