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World Time

Posted in Design by kmtom on November 23, 2010

Have a need to know the time in various locations across the world? It can certainly beĀ confusingĀ at times! When I was at H&R Block a number of the people I worked with were in Kansas City which was 1 hour behind us. It was very confusing at first! Luckily it was only one hour! For those of you who have more complex world time needs, I present to you the Bend Hand world clock.

Of course it’s not the easiest thing, but it does display the time zones all at one time. I’m wondering if somehow color coded rings would be helpful?? Anyway, it’s very useful for those of you who have to scan across the wall to find the clock for the time zone at hand.

via Yanko Design

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clocktwo for the iPhone

Posted in Design, Graphic Design, Information Visualization by kmtom on September 23, 2009

I really enjoy clocks! I plan on eventually designing some rooms around clocks. For now I have to display my creativity through cheaper means; one is through my screen saver – DropClock – which is a series of numbers which fall for a minute into water.

If I had an iPhone, I’d strongly consider using clocktwo, which is very similar in its design to DropClock. Black, white, simple. This one however is a little bit harder to actually tell what time, which is probably the most important thing about a clock. Still, it’s pretty cool to look at.

Actual iPhone users [wishing I were in this group] look to be complaining that it cannot be set as a wallpaper. It would be cool to be able to just touch to see the time, as opposed to -I assume – having to open the app.

via SwissMiss

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