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Can you paint with all the Colors of the Wind?

Posted in Design, Information Visualization by kmtom on September 27, 2009

Color plays a vital role in a lot of things that we do.

The SAP Design Guild has an article about all things color. It is basically an overview of all that can go good and bad with color including chromostereoopis, lateral inhibition, and subjective contours.

As I’m sure we all learned in English class at one point that a word can have a connotative and denotative meaning. The way that I learned it was that red was the color of an apple (denotative) and also meant danger (connotative). This chart (from SAP Design Guild) shows the connotative meaning for colors across different cultures.

But what about those people who cannot see color [about 8% of the male population and some smaller % of the female population]? WeAreColorblind.com provides patterns for designing with colorblindness in mind. They also provide tools and examples of good design and poor design.

via SwissMiss & SwissMiss

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Illustrating CAPTCHAs

Posted in Information Visualization by kmtom on July 15, 2009

CAPTCHAs are those annoying things that you have to read and then type in order to prove you are in fact human. They are insanely hard, and Audio CAPTCHAs are even more impossible. Perhaps by illustrating them, it will be easier for people to fill in the correct words.

Andrew Wirtanen posted his interpretation of “airlifts john”.

Buzzfeed and Something Awful provide forums for users to post their creations.

Here are some of my favorites:

via Andrew Wirtanen

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A High-Tech Wheelchair

Posted in Design by kmtom on June 29, 2009

The wheelchair is something that hasn’t really changed that much in the last few years. These designs from Jake Eadie show that a wheelchair can be versatile and have two positions, one of sitting and another of standing.

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A Smart Home

Posted in Design by kmtom on June 27, 2009

One thing that I’ve always been fascinated in is how we can integrate technology into our homes to make doing things around the house easier. One thing I’ve always thought about is having a sound system with speakers in every room. Going beyond that to the future you have devices that monitor things you do in the home and the status of different things. For instance, a device that knows what is in your refrigerator to help you with your grocery shopping, or as this video of the Smart Home shows, a recipe suggester.

Ever since the movie Smart House was shown on The Disney Channel, these technologies have really fascinated me. Although the things in this video are not the most high tech, they do seem feasible at this point. I also like how a lot of the technology is designed for the elderly or disabled, allowing people to live more independently.

Smart Home video