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Modern Day “Dead Drops”

Posted in Design by kmtom on November 1, 2010

“A dead drop or dead letter box, is a location used to secretly pass items between two people, without requiring them to meet.” – Wikipedia

Wondering why I’m referencing something that sounds like a 1950s spy technique on my chic and up-to-date blog? Because Aram Bartholl has created modern day “dead drops” throughout NYC.

So, if you see someone awkwardly leaning up against a wall, be aware that they might be partaking in secret file sharing. As someone mentioned in the comments section, you might want to bring a cable so you don’t break off the USB stick.

My only concern here is about viruses. What happens if someone is malicous and places something on here to infect any machine that gets attached to it? It’s great idea, but I won’t be running to NYC to plug in my computer! I’ll stick to writing my name on small pieces of paper

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Handy Hoodie Ideas

Posted in Graphic Design by kmtom on March 10, 2010

I have been known to wear a hoodie for many days of my life! I may or may not even be wearing one as I write this. But the folks over at Conceptual Devices have come up with other things to do with hoodies besides wearing them. Check it out. Even more ideas after the jump.

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Dual Screen Laptop

Posted in Design by kmtom on September 9, 2009

One thing that I’ve loved about my new job is my huge monitor! Which is great, considering that my laptop screen refuses to go beyond 1024 x 768. So when I saw this design of a laptop [coming by the end of this year] I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Of course I have two concerns with this design: size & weight. It weighs 12 pounds, which is double what my current laptop weighs [and almost 3 times what my cousin’s dog weighs]. It doesn’t look like they tried to make the thing very light. Look at how thick the keyboard area is! But hey, for those really strong computer geeks on the go, this is the perfect device!

via Core77

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