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How To Become a Giant

Posted in Design by kmtom on March 3, 2011

Ryuji Nakamura has created a house which sits on top of a MacBook and basically makes anyone sitting down to the computer a giant.

This would be hilarious to use during a Chat Roulette session!

via SwissMiss

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Don’t Touch That!

Posted in Information Visualization by kmtom on February 18, 2011

You’ll get your fingerprints all over my …….!

Well, George Kokkinidis at Design Language News decided that he was going to do just that! He wiped clean his iPad and started using an app (being sure to get his fingerprints on the screen) and then photographed his fingerprints on the screen.

Can you tell what apps he’s using in these two examples?

Hit the jump to see the answer and the rest of the apps.


It’s All Relative

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 14, 2011

A creative and simple representation of time. Marcus Kraft explains his work:

sometimes, one second can change your whole life. on the other hand, a whole year can feel very boring, unimportant and dull. what if one year is as long as one day or even one second? — maybe there’s no difference at all.

via SwissMiss

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Posted in Design by kmtom on November 8, 2010

Find a problem, create a solution.

Have you ever tried to drink out of the bathroom faucet? Cupping the water with your hand? Making a mess everywhere? I have cups in my bathroom for that purpose now. But Dreamfarm has created the Tapi which allows for most faucets to be turned into a water spout. For $7.95 (includes shipping) it can be yours! Although pictured in many fun colors, it seems as thought you can only buy it in grey.

via SwissMiss

Idling at the Light

Posted in Design by kmtom on July 13, 2010

Bikers are everywhere these days! In Denmark they’ve installed these railings at stoplights for bikers who are waiting at the lights. It even works great for people clipped in who might not want to unclip at a light, they can just grab onto the handrail! Great design for a problem! Speaking of the problem, the article at Copenhagenize.com highlights some examples of creative ways the bikers used to employ to keep from falling over.

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Save It!

Posted in Design by kmtom on July 11, 2010

With wedding season upon us, I thought this would be a great video to share. Thankfully I only have 2 weddings this summer and they aren’t on the same weekend (but they are back to back). There are certain “traditions” when it comes to weddings. One of those is sending out invitations, and before that “Save the Dates”. A recent trend is the magnetic ones, since you’re likely to stick them on the fridge anywhere (yup, that’s where mine are).

However, Chris and Laurel have strayed away from the traditional paper-based saved the date (however they note that a “proper snail-mail invite” will be arriving soon.

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The Wolf & The Pig

Posted in Design by kmtom on May 7, 2010

After watching some stop-motion animations recently at the Bentley Film Festival, I recalled this amazing stop-motion video that I believe @mada716 had sent over a while ago. I cannot wait to have some time and purpose to try something like this! I can only imagine the patience this took!


A Collection a Day

Posted in Design by kmtom on April 27, 2010

Lisa Congdon has been blogging every day this year with a different collection over at her blog “A Collection a Day“. Here’s some of my favorites.

Day 31 - Vintage BINGO cards

Day 70 - Vintage Math Flashcards

Day 97 - Vintage Tomato Pin Cushions

via SwissMiss

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Posted in Design by kmtom on April 8, 2010

The folks over at SUCK UK have some very cool stuff!

SwissMiss featured the Analog Digit Cake Molds. I wonder if it would be redundant if you used the numbered candles?

Another funny thing I found was this Dead Fred pen holder. I’m not sure if I would want to take my aggression out on the thing, people walking by might wonder. But I think it’s a very interesting way to store your pen so it’s always at the ready. I really like the blood trail in this image, though I’m not sure how maintenance would like that once I move out of my cube.


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Handy Hoodie Ideas

Posted in Graphic Design by kmtom on March 10, 2010

I have been known to wear a hoodie for many days of my life! I may or may not even be wearing one as I write this. But the folks over at Conceptual Devices have come up with other things to do with hoodies besides wearing them. Check it out. Even more ideas after the jump.

via @SwissMiss & Core77