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Hand Signals – Illustrated

Posted in Information Visualization by kmtom on December 13, 2010

Over on YouFail they’ve illustrated some of the many hand signals in our culture.

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The Difference Between Twitter & Facebook

Posted in Graphic Design by kmtom on October 21, 2010

When asked about the difference between Twitter and Facebook, I usually reply “Facebook is for the people you knew in high school, and Twitter is for the people you wish you knew in high school.” Well, @shaylamaddox had a slightly different way of putting that, which was then turned into an illustration by Kiersten (although I can’t find the link to the original, she has some cool stuff on her blog).

via tweetmeme

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“My Name is Inigo Montoya”

Posted in My Rambles by kmtom on April 30, 2010

I was just going about my daily life this morning, I see this tweet by one of my good friends. She is graduating this year and is involved in numerous extracurriculars, so she has been swamped for the past 8 months of her life. The tweet was:

lchen512. So nice out! Snuggling then hanging out.

Imagine my bewilderment when I read that she had free time. I decided to share this bewilderment and amazement with her and the rest of the Twitterverse.

I then continued on with my life. Carrying on conversations about flannels vs. plaids, reading about the fall-out from the T fires, and working on a presentation. All until this arrived…

This is why I love Twitter. Because Inigo Montoya can call me out! I don’t personally know him, so had I posted the previous comment on Facebook, he never would have been able to call me out on it. Welp, thanks for the reality check @iaminigomontoya and the enjoyable start to my Friday morning!

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Social Media Infographics

Posted in Information Visualization by kmtom on March 30, 2010

Social Media is the buzz these days, everyone’s got to be in it from your Grandma to your pizzeria. Sarah Chong over at Penn Olsen has compiled 10 Social Media Inforgraphics spanning across many different sites. I enjoyed the “Journey of a Tweet” (shown below) and also liked “Chicks Rule“, with the exception of Digg.

via @Manya

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