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Keyboard with Useful Chat Shortcuts

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 17, 2010

I do pride myself on good spelling and proper grammar, but when I’m chatting via the Interwebs, I have been known to use and abuse the “lol” “ic” “brb” “ttyl” lingo. Here’s a keyboard – the FastFinger – that you can grab which will help to make things faster. They also apparently have the option to switch to ABC mode. I’m not really sure who would do that? Maybe this keyboard is in reality designed for my mom and or my grandma. Most people who I know who use phrases like “brb” and “lol” are skilled typers [I pride myself on not actually needed to look at the keyboard]. So, then, who would ever want to re-learn how to type on an ABC keyboard?

So I’ve concluded, this keyboard is designed for the hunters and the peckers who care to save time and look cool by using cool lingo. Because seriously, in the time it takes me to actually find which F# key holds the 3-4 character phrase, I could have just typed it out.

via Gadgetell


Note: After actually reading the whole Gadgetell article, it seems like this keyboard was designed for kids. Not a bad idea, until they have to go to school or work and figure out how to use QWERTY.

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