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The New Facebook Profile

Posted in Design by kmtom on February 9, 2011

I am pretty defiant when it comes to changes to Facebook. I had a hard time accepting the changes to something that I use multiple times a day, multiple times an hour when I don’t see the justification for the change. Regardless, they recently made a significant change to the Profile Pages. There has been a recent “movement” towards using the new Facebook profile layout to one’s advantage. Check them out: on reface.me

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Filip Dujardin Photography – Fictions

Posted in Design by kmtom on January 9, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed walking by and looking at the Stata Center at MIT (above) So when I saw Filip Dujardin‘s photography in which takes an image of a modern building and transforms it through Photoshop I loved it!

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Lens Bracelets

Posted in Design by kmtom on November 17, 2010

I love these lens “Lance Armstrong” bracelets from Photojojo! I was hoping that the 50mm one was smaller, but they’re both 7inches and I have tiny wrists!

I did however find this to add to my Christmas list: the Photo Strap Tee!

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Painting with Light

Posted in Design, My Rambles by kmtom on July 14, 2010

There are a lot of cool things you can do with photography. As I mentioned I can’t wait to have the time to do some stop/motion animation. Also, I’ve been wanting to paint with light for a long time. It just requires the right tools, and some patience, and the ability to see things as a  mirror. Check out this cool Batman photo by minamac88.

For those of you interested in this, here are some tutorials: DIYPhotography.net, Instructables, and Amateur Snapper. Most of the ones I’ve seen suggest using a flashlight, or a LED colored light. I thought it was interesting that Batman is done using a sparkler, which for many people, are readily accessible at this time of year.

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Upside Downy Face

Posted in Design by kmtom on July 14, 2010

These are some of the most awkward portraits I’ve seen.

If you haven’t discerned, these are photos of people upside down! It’s called Upside Downy Face by Bruton Stroube. There are many more photographs, each unique/funny in their own way. It also seems like he offered a photobooth for this type of photography. Check them out!

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Engagement Stop Motion Animation

Posted in Design by kmtom on June 29, 2010

I’ve always been interested in stop-motion animation, but haven’t found the time or the patience to try it out very well yet. Sarah Yates took the time to do some stop motion for her friend’s engagement.

via @PetalPixel

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